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Better With Age

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All Worked Up byEve Vaughn Landon should be happy. He has looks, money and co-owns the hottest gym in town. But he's missing someone to share his success with. Tired of the dating scene and shallow women, Landon has all but given up his search for love, that is until Gloria Sanders, a voluptuous beauty from his past, walks into his gym. When they knew each other before, too many obstacles stood in their way. Now circumstances have changed and nothing will stop him from claiming her as his. Gloria, determined to move on after her divorce, decides to take private fitness lessons. When she meets her hunky personal trainer she's surprised to learn they already knew each other. What's more, he's had a crush on her for years. Gloria finds herself attracted to this sexier version of the Landon she once knew but old insecurities prevent her from acting on those feelings. When these two get all worked up their passion for each other will burn like nothing else and they'll discover what they've both been missing - love. Long, Slow Ride by Mardi Ballou The wedding reception is boring and depressing for Lori Nelson - until she gets asked to dance by the chauffeur. The twenty-something, very hot chauffeur. Lori figures Jeff's just being polite. But that's before he takes her in his arms and sets her libido on overdrive. . . The moment Jeff meets gorgeous, classy Lori, he falls hard. But much as Lori seems to dig him, she's hung up on their eleven-year age difference and her own personal baggage. While Lori convinces herself that she can handle a one-night stand, Jeff is firing up his limo, prepared to take Lori for the ride of her life. Liberation by K.Z. Snow Playing with passion comes naturally to Jessamyn - if, that is, she's holding a cello. Mendelssohn might move her, but the middle-aged men she's been dating? Not. The tide turns when Jessa agrees to be a one-time guest instructor at a night school class for amateur musicians and meets a sexy harmonica player. . .twelve