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Fortune's Promise

(The second book in the Fortune series)
A novel by

One amazing night. A waste of time? Or a new beginning?

A Fortune story.

After winning the lottery a year ago with her two best friends, Maddie Carpenter's life should have changed for the better. Right? Wrong. She's still stuck in her boring old life while her friends are living theirs to the fullest.

Watching one of them get married brings all her self doubt into sharp focus. She resolves to do something exciting, something thrilling. Starting right now, with the singer performing at the reception.

Tanner is still bitter over his divorce, bitter toward women in general. But something about sweet and sexy Maddie turns Tanner inside out - and he can't resist her.

One amazing night of sex turns into many nights of more amazing sex. Soon their relationship is moving way out of the casual zone. But both carry excess baggage of suspicion and distrust that could cost them everything...