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Fortune's Chance

(The third book in the Fortune series)
A novel by

Money can't buy love. But it might just buy a second chance...

A Fortune story.

Lauren Tollson can't believe it. She's just run into her old flame - in a sex club, of all places. Since winning a huge lottery jackpot, she's not big on trusting any man's motives. But David Fairfield could be just what she needs to satisfy that nagging little urge. At least temporarily.

Once, long ago, David made the biggest mistake of his life by letting Lauren slip away. Now that he has her back in his life, he's not going to let her go. Ever. He's older now. Wiser. Or at least he's trying to be.

If Lauren becomes wise to his secret, though, it could ruin any chance she'll see him as anything other than a freeloader - not the forever kind of man she deserves.

Part of the Fortune series with Fortune's Deception and Fortune's Promise.