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Beauty Sleep

(The fourth book in the Perfectly Wicked series)
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Part of the Perfectly Wicked series.After accidentally cursing a princess to a hundred years of sleep, fairy Calliope La Fae couldn't get hired to enchant horse dung, let alone work as a court fairy to a royal family. The only way she made it to the castle was by way of the dungeon, and the only way she made it out with her life was by risking the use of her fractured magic for the first time in years.And so a spell is cast, and two lovers enchanted...King Aaron should be concentrating on saving his brother from Calliope's enchanted castle, but he can't seem to keep his mind on anything but the fairy herself. Whether it's in the castle bath, by the side of the road or tied to a tree - he'll take Calliope any way he can get her, again and again. Even when the spell is broken, he can't get the woman out of his mind. There's no way he'll let her end up the next victim of her own magic, no matter what he has to risk to save her from her own century of beauty sleep.