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Night Whispers Volume II

A collection of stories by

Sleight of Hand by Lauren Dane Vampire king, Xander Stryker has found his match in human, Lissette Norris. Between the two there's enough chemistry to melt plastic. But Xander's mother, Graciella, has just discovered her husband's unfaithfulness and as the Queen of the Vampires, she's out for blood. And she'll get it by any means. All hell breaks loose as Graciella's murderous intentions threaten to drive a wedge between Lissie and Xander, forcing Lissie to decide it's time to put the vengeful queen in her place. Hot Gossip by Tawny Stokes Makayla Bradley, a small-time journalist, risks everything, including a chance at love, to get the goods on rich playboy executive Ethan Devane. But once he discovers her deception, will he forgive her, or is she setting herself up for retribution? Public Domain by Bridget Midway A sexy African-American woman only wants one thing-a lot of sex with no strings attached. Sex in public places is even better! Soon she meets an attractive white man who's willing to play along. But when he wants more, can she stop the charade and take a chance with her heart? One Naughty Night by Devyn Quinn A one night stand. That's all Cecile wants to relieve a little erotic pressure. Finding her man, she gives into one perfect night of passion. But she quickly discovers Ross Kincade wants more than one night.and he's her new boss. And who says bad girls have all the fun?