book cover of Sun, Sea and Submission

Sun, Sea and Submission

Volume One
(A book in the Sun, Sea and Submission series)
An omnibus of novels by

Whether they're staff or guests, the men of Pendragon Bay Hotel all have two things in common. They're all gay, and they're all kinky. When Darren invites his co-worker, Jamie, to join him on a weekend trip to Pendragon Bay they're both looking forward to having a great time and finally doing more than flirt across the office. However, one of them is about to realise that his friend doesn't just have swimming trunks in the weekend bag - he's Packing Leather. For years, it's been a tradition at Pendragon Bay for any newly promoted employee to have another member of staff act as their "slave" for a week. Drew's had a crush on Matthew forever. He's more than happy to both serve and submit in any way Matthew wants. Unfortunately, Matthew doesn't seem quite so enthusiastic about the idea of Drew playing the part of his Obedient Slave. Claude's father owns Pendragon Bay Hotel. As the manager there, Claude's determined not to let his father down. He refuses to mix business with pleasure or to play where he works. Most of the staff don't even realise he's gay, let alone as kinky as any of them. But, when he meets Gavin - a hotel reviewer and a committed nudist - Claude's professional veneer is soon stripped away. Can he handle the Naked Truth? It's the hottest summer Britain has experienced in decades. The sun is shining, the sea is welcoming, and at least half the men in Pendragon Bay have submission on their minds. There's no better resort for a man to visit this summer.