book cover of Instant Gratification

Instant Gratification

(The first book in the How I Met My Master series)
A Novella by

Frustration has never been one of Alex's kinks. Neither has self-denial, or saying no to men he'd really like to have sex with. So, he's not quite sure how he ended up in this mess.

The bet had sounded so simple when he first heard it. All he needs to do is say no to everything Stephen offers him for the next twelve hours. How hard could that possibly be? Despite the fact that Stephen is the kind of guy Alex would love to say yes to, for vanilla at least, Alex is confident he's going to win the bet no trouble at all.

He remains confident, right up until the moment the bet begins and he finds himself in more trouble than he ever thought possible. Then, the only thing Alex is sure about is that twelve hours is an incredibly long time for a man to have to resist temptation, especially if that man has been used to instant gratification.

Please note: This story was previously published under the title Yes! and as part of the Friction Anthology. This version has been re-worked to become part of the How I Met My Master Collection, but it has not been significantly extended.