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Trying to keep his sexual preference a secret around the kilted athletes of the 'Highland Gaymes' wasn't easy for Shaw, especially when one particular man catches his eye. Two hot studs, an evening of scorching sex and an escapade gone awry. The game is 'Good Cop, Bad Cop', but will someone else pay the price for their fun? Telling the 'Rough Riders' their team captain is gay was never part of Luke's game plan. But then again, neither was his attraction to their newest player, Derek Grimm. The Welsh and the English. Celts and invaders. Captors and prisoners. Victors and slaves. Dominants and submissives. Pleasure and pain. Let the war games begin, in 'Elliot's War'. Jason's thinking only about hot sex when Matt crosses his path at a Scrabble tournament, but their connection in bed reveals that the two have 'Crossed Hearts' as well. In 'Contact Point' Jesse and Cade share one night of passion, but what will Jesse do when he finds out he's now mated to an alpha wolf shifter?

Paperback Editions

February 2010 : UK Paperback

Title: Gaymes Anthology
Author(s): Carol Lynne, Jenna Byrnes, Jude Mason, Kim Dare, Lisabet Sarai, Devon Rhodes, Gwendolyn Cease
ISBN: 1-907280-83-9 / 978-1-907280-83-2 (UK edition)
Publisher: Total-E-Bound Publishing
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