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(The third book in the Demon Lovers series)
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*** Bonus material included in this book for Dream Unchained and Dark Wolf ***

Known best for her creation of the Chanku in both the Wolf Tales series and the first book in the Spirit Wild series, Dark Wolf, Kate Douglas has pushed the boundaries of erotic romance and continues to do so in her Demon Lovers series.

“. . . If you like super sexy, I mean jaw-dropping sexiness, you’ll love her books.”
—Reviewed by Toots for Toot’s Book Reviews about Dark Wolf

Addie Logan has built a loving, erotic relationship with Jett and Logan. She’s never felt so passionate, but keeping the two demons from fighting each other takes more energy than she sometimes has.

Convinced that it’s not merely that demon hunters don’t play well together, but that what Jett and Locan see as anger and hate is an accumulation of sexual frustration, Addie slowly encourages them to take their teamwork to an entirely new level of sensual exploration. The question is whether they can explore each other sexually without killing each other first.

About the Author:

Kate Douglas is the lead author of Kensington Publishing’s Aphrodisia imprint and the author of the popular erotic paranormal romance series WOLF TALES, as well as the Zebra series DEMONSLAYERS. She is currently working on her newest Aphrodisia series, DREAM CATCHERS, as well as her online serial, DEMON LOVERS. Kate and her husband of almost forty years have two adult children and five grandchildren. They live in the beautiful mountains of Lake County, California, north of the Napa Valley wine country.