book cover of Dark Stranger

Dark Stranger

(The seventh book in the Spirit Wild series)
A novel by

Kate Douglas returns with the newest book in her paranormal shapeshifting Spirit Wild series.

Berserkers. Chanku, but not. Born as animals, but unlike their more civilized brethren, they have no access to the Tibetan grasses that give Chanku their shapeshifting abilities. They are refugees of the same alien world, aware of their humanity yet living and dying as animals on earth.

Untold numbers of shapeshifters in the cages as victims of predator trafficking rings operating worldwide. Unable to know their true selves, unable to fully mate with the ones they love.

The pack knows they exist. Knows that they are the only ones with the power to save their feral brethren, but the clock is ticking. Chanku are almost immortal, but Berserkers live and die on their animal’s many will the pack rescue before it’s too late? Will they ever save enough of their brethren—different yet so much alike under their skin?

The hunt is on.

Kate Douglas is the author of the popular erotic paranormal Wolf Tales series, the Feral Passions series, the erotic S/F Dream Catchers series to be re-released in the coming months, as well as Spirit Wild, the sequel series to Wolf Tales. Dark Stranger is the 7th Spirit Wild book.

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