book cover of Saving Christmas

Saving Christmas

(The tenth book in the Holiday series)
A Novella by

Christmas Hoffman has the unfortunate luck of having a birthday just days before Christmas, a mother who thinks the perfect present is a hot man to spend the night with, and the man she has been crushing on for years having to come stay with her because not only was she involved in a shooting but now she’s on some drug dealer’s hit list. And all she can do is hope that next year is going to go better for her than this one…if she even makes it to next year. One thing is for sure, she won’t ever be the same after this Christmas.

Heath Phoenix has one Christmas wish this year, and that’s to get under his sister’s best friend’s tree. He’s been waiting for Christmas longer than anyone and now that she’s old enough to finally be his he’s not about to let some criminal keep him from claiming her. He’ll just have to perform a miracle and not only save Christmas but make her fall in love with him too.

Settle in, pull the blanket tight, and chase away the chill with this sweet escape. This book is all about delivering you the tropes you love to love: Sister’s older brother, close proximity, Christmas romance, hot cop willing to do anything for his lady, and my favorite…fake relationship! You get it all in Saving Christmas, Book Ten in the Holiday Series, and one that will surely put you on the naughty list if anyone knew…but I won’t tell if you don’t; so read away.

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