book cover of Holding Avery

Holding Avery

(The first book in the After Dark series)
A novel by

A Brand New Series Just For those Dark Nights

I have a big secret. I’m in love with my best friend. But he doesn’t know and if I can help it he never will. If he ever found out it would be the end of our friendship and I couldn’t live with that. And now I’ve complicated my life by moving in with him. How am I supposed to hide the way I feel when he’s everywhere I go? How can I keep myself from falling in love with him even more when he touches me and I see how great he is every day I get up? Until…he brings someone home. My silly high school crush ends up crushing my soul and the only thing to do is run. But can I outrun the feelings I have for Murphy or am I only fooling myself that I will ever get Murphy out of my head and out of my heart? This crush on my best friend might kill me!

I have a secret that I’ve only told one other person…I’m in love with my best friend. And she doesn’t even know it. So how do I tell her I want to be more than just friends? How do I show her how I really feel? And then she’s gone all because of a stupid misunderstanding and my chance to keep her safe and make her fall in love with me vanishes in the night like she vanishes from my home. But I’m not a man who quits so easily. I’ll hunt Avery down and steal her back until I can make her see…the only thing I ever want to do with my life is spend it…Holding Avery!

Welcome to a whole new series by yours truly. This one is full of spice and heat to get you through those long, dark nights. And Avery and Murphy are breaking all the taboos to prove nothing feels better than waking up next to your best friend. So sit back and get ready for some secret crush, high-school love story, oppsy-there’s-a- baby, double virgin action and find out why everything good happens…AFTER DARK!

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