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Down To Business

(The second book in the Coleman Engineering series)
A Novella by

There is always something interesting happening behind the scenes at Coleman Engineering...

Millionaire businessman Rob Coleman has more than work on his mind. The glassed-in atrium of his office building provides the perfect view of the sexy woman in the office across from his. The same woman who wear short skirts, and Rob has a certain weakness for pretty women in short skirts.

When a chance run-in at the lobby coffee cart leads to much more intimate meetings, none of which are work-related, Rob realizes he's lost control and is thinking about Ella Lachlan all the time. For a man who doesn't mix business with pleasure, figuring out his fantasy woman is also his ex-wife's new assistant means one thing - trouble.

Approximately 17,000 words

Coleman Engineering Series:

Book 1 - Risqué Business
Book 2 - Down To Business

Down To Business Excerpt:

"I'm buying." His husky tone blew across the back of Ella's neck.

They were the first words he'd ever said to her. Her breath caught in her throat in response. It whooshed out again a second later when he leaned in, his mouth close to her hair as he reached around her to drop a twenty on the counter.

"She'll have an iced coffee, room for milk. I'll have the same but black is fine. I prefer mine dark and rough," he said to the barista, who scurried to fill the order.

The words skated down Ella's spine. He sounded as good as he looked and the sensual undertone had her shifting her weight to keep from spinning around.

She finally found her voice. "How did you-"

"I pay attention."

She fought the urge to glance at him, to make eye contact. She didn't really need to. His presence pulled at her. A mix of need and attraction exploded inside her, alive and uncontrolled as it filled every twist and corner, wiping out every thought that went before.

She managed to mumble a "thank you" as she grabbed the plastic cup out of the barista's outstretched hand and rushed over to the small shelf to the side. The quick clicking of her heels kept pace with the frantic thudding of her heart. Much more of that and she'd be knocked right into heart attack territory.

Her hand shook as she reached for the skim milk container. The tremble started at her shoulder and kept her arm jumping no matter how hard she concentrated on staying still.

Then he was there. His hand closed over the metal thermos before she could get a good hold. Standing so close their foreheads almost touched, he turned the lid and poured just the right amount in her cup. Even his hands were nice. Long fingers and a touch of a tan that made her wonder when he went outside since he was in his office when she arrived at work in the morning and was still in his chair when she left at night.

"Perfect." She meant him and when he smiled at her, she figured he got that message.

About The Author:

National bestselling and award-winning author HelenKay Dimon is a former divorce attorney who now writes romance full time. She is thrilled to create love stories for a living rather than end them...though her characters can be as difficult as real people. Two of her novels have been designated as "Red-Hot Reads" by Cosmopolitan Magazine and excerpted in its issues. Her books have been featured at numerous venues, including E! Online and The Chicago Tribune.

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July 2012 : USA, Australia, Canada, UK Kindle edition

Title: Down To Business (Sleeping with the Boss Book 2)
Author(s): HelenKay Dimon
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