book cover of Snow Job

Snow Job

A novel by

"Spanky hanky-holiday-panky" -- Penny Watson, bestselling author of Apples Should Be Red

When lawyer Elyce Anderson threatens to sue her estranged husband to stop construction on a environmentally fragile inlet, he proposes a deal. If Elyce attends his family's annual Christmas vacation - playing the role of dutiful wife - he'll save the inlet from development.

Elyce may not trust Karl, but when his efforts to woo her back take a surprisingly forceful turn, her mind loses the battle with her body again and again. It's her every secret erotic fantasy come to life. In bed, up against the wall, in the bathroom - she's shocked by Karl's demands, but greedy for more. She almost manages to convince herself that's only the result of a tension buildup from going a year without sex. Almost.

The frosty wonderland and long, hot winter nights rock Elyce's world, but it's all familiar at the same time. Elyce remembers what she and Karl once had, and she's willing to be convinced. If they can iron out their differences, they just might fall in love all over again for Christmas.