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Un, Deux, Trois, Menage!

A novel by

Raw Silk
A wicked, no-strings one-night stand turns unexpectedly complicated when three lonely hearts collide.

Camille sacrificed romance for success long ago. Now that the lingerie company she and her best friend built is hugely successful, she has a few regrets. Wanting to let down her hair and explore the possibilities, she agrees to meet a man at a bar for drinks only to wind up needing help when she rebuffs his sexual overtures.

Jake and Daniel are two firefighters hitting the bar for a quick drink after a long shift when they see a classy beauty fending off an overzealous boyfriend. With a flex of biceps, they chase him off then settle in to seduce the lovely woman whose eyes reflect a hunger they understand all too well.

What starts as a simple, pleasurable one-night stand, quickly burns up the sheets. While Jake knows he can't let Camille crush their relationship because of age differences, Daniel still thinks he can walk-until he gets a whiff of Camille's best friend Lacey. Suddenly three isn't enough.

Fun with Dick and Jayne
He didn't know the nightly peepshow was just a naughty invitation.

Garrett knows what he's doing can get him into trouble, but he can't help himself. Every night, as he arrives home, the blonde across the alley gets busy with her boyfriend with the blinds open. He's spent the past two weeks getting an eyeful and falling deep into lust.

But when Garrett sees a man in a black ski mask sneak into his sexy neighbor's bedroom, he doesn't know he'll be the one captured.

Jane's Wild Weekend
Fresh from a breakup, Jane decides to seduce fireman Bruno to restore her shattered confidence. But the trap she sets is sprung instead by his best friend. After she flees in embarrassment, Bruno makes a proposition too wicked for any good girl to consider.

Reader Advisory: Burning up the sheets is putting it mildly! Inhibitions are out the door with scenes of m/f/m, m/f/m/f, f/f and m/m.

Paperback Editions

June 2010 : USA Paperback

Title: Un, Deux, Trois, Menage!
Author(s): Delilah Devlin
ISBN: 1-4199-6140-3 / 978-1-4199-6140-3 (USA edition)
Publisher: Elloras Cave
Availability: Amazon   Amazon UK   Amazon CA   Amazon AU