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Night at the Wax Museum

A Novella by

A museum security guard falls for a vampire trapped in wax museum exhibit.

This 5000-word erotic LGBT short story first appeared in Girls Who Bite. It may be short in length, but it's not short in passion!


"I've been watching you," came a feminine, singsong voice.

Krista jerked, and then cursed herself for giving away her fear. "Come out of the shadows. I'll walk you to the door and let you leave. I won't call it in."

"How sweet." The voice was girlish, almost childlike, but with an undertone of menace that chilled Krista to the bone. "Why do you limp?"

Krista breathed deeply, calming her heart. The voice had come from near the door leading to the Marilyn exhibit. Krista didn't know if the woman had a weapon or was just a thrill seeker. There wasn't anything of value inside the museum other than big wax dolls. Nothing irreplaceable. The cash box was cleaned out every night after closing. "Why'd you move the vampire?"

Another laugh. This one so close the hairs on the back of her neck stirred.

"Pretty boy, I didn't take it."

"I'm not a boy," Krista said, more to keep the conversation going than because she'd been offended.

"But you act like one. Even walk like one."

"I was a soldier."

"And they made you walk that way?"

"I don't have girly hips."

A hand cupped one notch of her uninjured hip from behind. A citrusy-floral scent tickled her nose. Something wet slid down the side of her neck. A tongue. Panic shivered down her spine.

"Not boys' hips." A hand trailed down the front of her pants, and fingers traced her split. "Not a boy's anything at all."

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January 2015 : USA, Australia, Canada, UK Kindle edition

Title: Night at the Wax Museum (a LGBT erotic short story)
Author(s): Delilah Devlin
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