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The Monster Within

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With absolutely no excitement in her life, Katie spends her free time trolling her favorite online community for kink and BDSM. Her fantasies are twisted and her desires are many, but lately she has more experience with leaving snarky responses on what she calls literary disasters. John can spot an internet troll a mile away, and he has Katie pegged as bored and bitter the minute she drops a rude remark on his personal journal entry. He doesn't hesitate to call her out, but what was supposed to be a brief interaction of telling her off becomes more when they start exchanging horror fantasies and erotica with darker themes. It may have started as a joke, but now John can't help but wonder what's behind Katie's mask of sarcasm. The Monster Within is an anthology written by fifteen kinksters around the world. In the short stories Katie and John share while getting to know each other online, the writers of the compilation will take the readers on a journey alongside zombies, degrading doctors, otherworldly creatures, clowns, cage-fighting human pets, devious Doms, and much more.

Paperback Editions

October 2016 : USA Paperback

Title: The Monster Within
Author(s): Kinksters, Aailski, Kitty Aveline, JD Alvey, Evie Black, Jennie Black, Cara Dee, Jenna Dark, K Henry, JD Hyde
ISBN: 1-5397-2297-X / 978-1-5397-2297-7 (USA edition)
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
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