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Hot Summer Nights

A collection of stories by

Anything can happen in summer when steamy days lead to even more torrid nights. Whether a new love, an unexpected love or stolen passion that can only lead to trouble, summertime romance is impossible to resist as you'll see in this trio of tales by Bonnie Dee, Jayelle Drewry and Rusty Wicks.

Summer Break - Bonnie Dee

The summer after high school graduation - rich kids relax and enjoy the last taste of freedom before college, poor kids like Eric struggle just to keep afloat ... and secretly lust after their best friend's girl. While Travis is gone on a trip, Eric and Brianne come together with a passionate intensity that will blow apart the threesome. Can friendship be salvaged and new relationships formed before the three part ways forever?

Summer's Promise - Jayelle Drewry

With the kids away, single mom Delilah Jaynes has the whole summer to herself. She's determined to have some fun in the sun ... and in the dark. That's a promise she's going to keep. John Knowles has watched and wanted Delilah, and he's tired of waiting. It's time to take action. By the end of summer, he's going to be her lover. That's a promise he's going to keep. She's looking for a lover. He's ready, willing, and able to fill that position ... or any other position Delilah needs.

Sun Kissed - Rusty Wicks

Bess thinks a job amidst the sands of Egypt seems like the perfect way to spend a summer. But when she purchases an ancient ring and slips it on her finger, she experiences more than she bargained for. Her handsome employer becomes irresistible. She has sensual, sometimes startling, sexual dreams and is gripped by urges that are as old as the dunes around her. Will Bess be able to fulfill the destiny that awaits her? And can a stone kissed by the suns of thousands of years turn an ordinary woman into a goddess?