book cover of First Love

First Love

(The second book in the Love Nibbles series)
A Novella by

First love, forbidden love.

Summer 1956. Rachael and Joe are from different worlds though they live on neighboring farms. She is Amish and her people live a plain life apart from the community. When she is harassed in town one day, Joe steps in to help her. A conversation makes them realize they share the same desire to experience more of the world.

Joe offers to secretly squire Rachael to the drive-in movie and soon their friendship deepens to something more. But how can a summer romance last when the lovers must bridge an impossible gulf? One fateful night their hidden love is revealed and their relationship reaches a crucial crossroads. Can the lovers escape destined patterns and forge a future together?

Note: This is a novella formerly released as "Amish Paradise" in an anthology titled Seasons of Love. LOVE NIBBLES is a series of stories and novellas originally written for various anthologies. I hope you enjoy these tasty tidbits.