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Turn The Other Sheik

(Book 24 in the Coxeman: The Man From O.R.G.Y. series)
A novel by

Rod Damon the Coxeman makes an undercover visit to oil-rich Kuaydan. The tiny Middle Eastern nation is the West’s major source of petroleum. But Russian agents have infiltrated the Sheiks palace and threaten to take over the country. Robs job is to stop them.

The Coxeman has strong support from the Sheikhs sister, for the ravishing Princess Fatima has some very juicy ideas about how to bridge the East West gap. But before big Rod can snatch even one of them, his cover is blown.Suddenly Rod is up against double-dealing spies, harem handmaidens attacking him and a gay Sheik who wants to test Rods mettle. It’s the Arabian Nights Coxeman-style.