book cover of Black Heart

Black Heart

(The second book in the Vistaria Affair series)
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Black Heart is the sequel to Red Leopard. Vistaria is now controlled by the insurrectos. Their leader, Serrano, holds his power with the help of his shadowy security officer, Colonel Bruno Zalaya. Zalaya is a cool-headed man of secrets and strong sexual appetites. Minerva Benning is the only one who believes her beloved army captain, Duardo, is still alive, and no one will help her return to Vistaria to find him. Nicolás Escobedo, the brother of Vistaria's recently assassinated president, is too busy trying to win back his country. Calli, Minnie's cousin and Nick's lover, is too busy learning to be the partner of a national leader. Desperate and out of time, Minnie steals her way into Vistaria to find Duardo. But Zalaya finds her instead. Chained to his bed as Zalaya's latest toy, Minnie watches Zalaya's control over Serrano begin to crumble. As the danger surrounding both of them grows, Zalaya's manipulations and Minnie's quest to find Duardo are set to collide...and the fallout will be fatal.