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Trust Me

(Book 11 in the One Night with Sole Regret series)
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Gabe "Force" Banner's once charmed life is in shambles. The only career he knows and wants is to be the drummer of Sole Regret, so he will try anything to get his band back together. But how can he fix this mess when his bandmates aren't even speaking to each other? It seems everyone in Gabe's life is trying to push him forward to find a different career, an alternate path, a new life, but he is more than satisfied with his current gig. The only thing he wants to add to his fortuitous existence is his one, his Melanie. But how can he offer his perfect woman a stable future if he doesn't know what tomorrow will bring?

Melanie Anderson's once dull life has finally come together. She has a stable career, a solid family foundation, and her future looks bright, but she is totally willing to rock that sane world for a chance to be with a rock star she never imagined she'd grow to love. Gabe is everything she always wanted in a man, but can she really give up her home, her job, and her close, but conservative-minded family to build a future with an out-of-work drummer?

For their very different worlds to come together, Gabe and Melanie must learn to trust each other and to trust their love. Will Gabe's uncertain future tear them apart, or can it bring them closer together?

This is Gabe's last book in the Sole Regret series, and the first of the 5-book series conclusion.

The series begins with (Story ARC 1):
#1 Try Me (Gabe)
#2 Tempt Me (Adam)
#3 Take Me (Jacob)
#0.5 Share Me (Lindsey) - spinoff of the main story line
#4 Touch Me (Owen)
#5 Tie Me (Kellen)

The series continues with (Story ARC 2):
#6 Tell Me (Gabe)
#7 Tease Me (Adam)
#8 Treat Me (Jacob)
#9 Thrill Me (Owen)
#10 Treasure Me (Kellen)

The series concludes with (Story ARC 3):
#11 Trust Me (Gabe) YOU ARE HERE!
#11.5 Love Me (Lindsey) - spinoff of the main story line - not yet released
#12 Tame Me (Adam) - not yet released
#13 Teach Me (Jacob) - not yet released
#14 Thank Me (Owen) - not yet released
#15 Transfix Me (Kellen) - not yet released