book cover of Wulf\'s Den

Wulf's Den

(A book in the Wulf's Den series)
An omnibus of novels by

Books one to five in the Wulf's Den series.

Beowulf and Roxie

How was Roxie to have known an evening out would change her life so much? At the nightclub, she meets Beowulf, the owner of Wulf's Den. Roxie soon finds out there is more wolf to Beowulf than just being part of his name.

Wade and Taryn

Attracted to Wade at their first meeting, Taryn must first get over the ugly part of her past before she can be with him. Little does she know accepting him as a werewolf is the least of her worries.

Royce and Billie

Billie wants Royce as her own and isn't afraid to go after him. Can she get him to overlook the fact she isn't like him - a werewolf?

Finn and Jocelyn

A bad experience with werewolves has marked Finn York emotionally and physically. He fights the attraction he has for Jocelyn, even though she knows about his dislike for her kind and isn't about to walk away.

Eli and Saskia

Eli vows never to tie himself to a woman, but Saskia, a female werewolf, turns out to be the one for him. As they sort out their feelings caused an unexpected mating, a new enemy rises to threaten Roxie, the foretold one.