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Judgment By Anubis

(The second book in the Egyptian Shifters series series)
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While in a coma, Jinny finds herself standing before the Egyptian god Anubis to be judged.  After shifting from his half man/half jackal form, Jinny is instantly attracted to the man, falling for his dark, good looks.

Anubis is drawn to the mortal woman he is to judge.  As he starts to lose his heart to Jinny he delays passing judgment, keeping her lingering between two worlds--the realm of the living and the underworld where he dwells.

The longer Anubis puts of his judgment the weaker Jinny becomes until he is forced to make his decision.  His choice--he either lets her return to the realm of the living, or let her remain in the underworld, which would mean her death.


Siren Erotic Romance