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Two Deadly Daemons

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Timeless Wrath Seven Deadly Daemons, Book One; Also a story in the Going Down Under series. Beatrice "Ricki" Sullivan is every man's fantasy. Drop-dead gorgeous, she exudes a sensuality none can ignore. More than just a stunning face and body, she's intelligent, kind, gentle... and madly, inexplicably in love with Evron, a man she's known mere hours. Evron McKenzie is troubled, struggling with undeniable anger that scorches through his veins. And the irrational feeling he is someone else, something more. Someone rich, powerful... someone to fear. But in Ricki's arms, Evron may have finally found his place in the world. At last he is at peace. So who is the seductive redhead who invades Evron's dreams? Why does she urge him to touch a mysterious sculpture - a sculpture that seems to radiate death and sin? How can she make him hornier than he's ever been in his life with just a look, and at the same time turn his anger into bloody, murderous rage? And, more frighteningly, why can't he resist her? Publisher's Note: This story was previously published elsewhere under the title Deadly Sins: Anger, and has been revised for Ellora's Cave. Reader Advisory: Sex and violence abound in this terrifically intense tale; big-girl pants definitely required. Endless Lust Seven Deadly Daemons, Book Two Cate Sinclair is ruled by lust. Day and night, awake and dreaming, an unseen force plies her with pleasure to the point of pain. Each orgasm wrenched from her exhausted body stealing her energy, her very essence, until insanity seems a sweet relief. When Eamon enters her life, Cate's uncertain if the gorgeous, enigmatic man is her salvation... or the cause of her worst nightmares. Reader Advisory: Our heroine endures endless amounts of forced seduction. But how do you fight advances from an enemy you can't see?

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