book cover of A Single Knight

A Single Knight

(The second book in the Heart of Fame: Stage Right series)
A Novella by

“Do you really feel like driving me up the freeway for over two hours? Just on the off chance you can flirt another kiss from me?”

Tagging along to a party outside her normal circles, veterinarian Casey-Louise Marley never expected to find herself being seduced by a legitimate British knight. Sir Addison Lancaster is way out of her league, but damn, he’s sexy. And flirting with her. Things get even hotter when Addison pulls her into his arms. And positively scorching when he kisses her.

Casey knows she’s got to get away from Addison’s rakish charm before she loses her heart. The trouble is, she lives two hours north and her ride is nowhere to be found. So when Addison offers to drive her home, with the possibility of seducing another kiss from her, Casey can’t say no. And reaching their destination is only the beginning…

She's not a damsel and she's not in distress, but this knight will have her panting, and wondering how she'll survive a fantasy she never knew she wanted until now.

***Note from Lexxie*** The Heart of Fame: Stage Right books are fun, totally stand-alone HEA novellas featuring minor characters who first made their appearance in the Heart of Fame series and whose stories readers asked for. There’s no need to have read the Heart of Fame series to enjoy the HoF: Stage Right books (but they are really awesome, so you should check ‘em out, okay?)

Heart of Fame: Stage Right - Because the first time, wasn't their time...

Book 1 - Compliance

Book 2 - A Single Knight

Book 3 - Balls Up

Book 4 - Lust's Rhythm

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