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Valentine Voodoo

A novel by

Genre: Multicultural Contemporary

Eli Gallager's got the world by the short and curlies. Top salesperson for the hippest technology company on the planet, starlets pursue him, directors court him, the rich and powerful befriend him. Then his boss hires the animation talent of the century, a pint-sized nymph, Stephanie Grant, who loathes the sight of him.

They go toe to toe on every project, but his dick salutes the minute Stephanie's near. Hell, she doesn't even have to be in the room for him to be hard and aching. Then the company sends Stephanie and Eli on a PR weekend before the release of Valentine Voodoo, a film set to be the next family-oriented blockbuster.

Stephanie's had a hot spot for Eli since the day they met. Their one night-stand at the office Christmas party sucked. But, she still craves his touch, wants him inside of her. She's determined to make every minute of the Valentine Voodoo PR weekend count. Second-round sex with Eli is off the scale and Stephanie falls hard and fast.

But then original imprints of Valentine Voodoo disappear three days before the red carpet debut...

And the primary suspect is Eli.