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The Soul Jar

A novel by

A romance three thousand years in the making.

When Bree Sennett breaks into Ming Xao Chen's Curiosity Shop to recover the fabled Soul Jar of Ammonptah, the last thing she expects to find among the tacky souvenirs is a ghost. But there he is, Mason "Chance" MacKenzie, back from the dead and stirring a confusing mix of joy at seeing him alive... and betrayal for leaving her.

Two years ago, Chance faked his own death to save both their lives. It's taken him that long to convince himself she's better off without him, that she'll never forgive him much less love him. Yet as their mutual search for the Soul Jar brings them face to face, he realizes the only one he was fooling was himself.

Now the woman who stole his heart is about to steal the Soul Jar, but a life he promised to protect hangs in the balance. There's only one way to satisfy both their clients. Make a deal. And hope he can trust her to help him complete his mission before he loses her forever.

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