book cover of Where the Action Is

Where the Action Is

(A book in the All New Cherry Delight series)
A novel by

Number four in the All New Cherry Delight Series. Gardner Fox created the character and wrote 24 novels as "Glen Chase," from 1972 through 1975. Leisure brought back the series as "The All New Cherry Delight" in 1977, publishing an additional (unnumbered) 5 volumes through 1978, keeping the Glen Chase house name. This is the only one written by Leonard Levinson under the name Glen Chase. Cherry is a swinging, sexy spy satire/spoof/comedy. The plot centers around an Aleister Crowley-type magician named Sergei Gubishov, who is taking over Vegas. Using his mental powers he's able to win every game in town, and he's bankrupting the casinos. The mobsters who run the place have tried to kill him, but have failed each time. Cherry's called in by her DUE boss, Derek, and told that if Vegas goes under the entire US economy will topple. Her task is to head to Vegas and kill Gubishov.

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