book cover of Up Your Ante

Up Your Ante

(The fourth book in the Cherry Delight, The Sexecutioner series)
A novel by

This is Book #4 in Gardner Francis Fox's Sexecutioner Series. ABOUT CHERRY DELIGHT: N.Y.M.P.H.O. AGENT N.Y.M.P.H.O. (The New York Mafia Prosecution and Harassment Organization) is the secret organization dedicated to the wiping out of crime in general and the Mafia in particular. Its most effective executioner is a gorgeous red-headed sexpot named Cherry Delight. Cherry is a crack-shot and has a black belt in judo. But her most effective Weapon is sex. If she can't lick the enemy one way, she'll lick them another way. LONDON LAMBAST This caper has Cherry Delight operating out of her London pad to fight Mafia infiltration of the lucrative British gambling business. She shows no more scruples in rigging games than she does in using beds. Anything goes-just so long as it brings the Mafia to its knees. On this operation, she relies on her pistols, a truck-load of dynamite, and of course her secret weapon-her bazooka.

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