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(The third book in the Cherry Delight, The Sexecutioner series)
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I'm Cherry Delight and I'm good at what I do. No boast, just fact. With revolver or automatic can put six out of six in a bullseye, or a body. My hair is naturally red-hence the Cherry - and a Delight is what I am for people I like, or those I want to destroy. Mostly I want to destroy the Mafia, and that's why I'm top agent for N.Y.M.P.H.O. (otherwise known as the NEW YORK MAFA PROSECUTION AND HARASSMENT ORGANIZATION). I love sex and I hate the Mob. I break the old guys backs and the young guys hearts - usually with a bullet. I can speak six languages and kill without saying a word. This time I go after the Mob's too executive in Southern Italy. Silverfinger is his name and cruelty is his kick. But two can play that game - and they don't call me Champ for nothing.

Cherry's Deadly Embrace
They were insane with rage, a red haze must have floated before their eyes. By my action, I'd tipped them of that I was something more than a whore, and I think that right about now they must have realized I'd killed their companion, not by accident, but willfully and with malice aforethought. The knowledge didn't do them any good. My finger tightened on the trigger. I pumped two bullets into Horseface, rocking him back against the side of the cabin, and then the other one was on me. His lunge carried me back off my feet. I swung the gun around until it was jammed against his ribs and began firing.
He was dead from the first bullet, but the other two that went into him were insurance. He was limp and lifeless on top of me.

Paperback Editions

December 2017 : Paperback

Title: Silverfinger: Revised
Author(s): Gardner Francis Fox, Glen Chase, Fox Library, Kurt Brugel
ISBN: 1-976722-16-0 / 978-1-976722-16-5
Publisher: Independently published
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Kindle Editions

December 2017 : USA, Australia, Canada, UK Kindle edition

Title: Silverfinger (Cherry Delight series Book 3)
Author(s): Gardner Francis Fox, Glen Chase, Fox Library, Kurt Brugel
Publisher: Gardner Francis Fox Library
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