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Tied to the Tycoon

(The second book in the Club Volare series)
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TIED TO THE TYCOON is an emotional erotic romance about the one that got away. It contains mature themes and content, consensual BDSM activities, and at least one thing you should *not* try at home without a whole lot of practice first...

Ten years ago, tech entrepreneur Jackson Reed broke Ava Barnett's heart. As best friends in college they each had their reasons for keeping their relationship platonic, but when they finally let go and gave in to their desires, things were perfect for one night--and then Jackson screwed it all up.

Since then, he's never forgotten her, and she's tried her best to forget him. Jackson has become one of the most sought after Doms in the city, and Ava has pretended she's never had a submissive thought. Which suits Ava just fine: after a decade of failed dating in New York, she's decided she's done with getting her heart broken.

But at a Club Volare engagement party, Jackson catches sight of the one who got away: Ava. One quick wager later, and Ava is massively in his debt. To pay it off, she'll need to be his submissive for one week.

Jackson Reed has spent ten years becoming the man Ava Barnett deserves. They've been tied to each other all this time, whether she knows it or not. Now he's got one week to show her that she's the only woman he'll ever truly love--and the only one he wants to Dominate.

TIED TO THE TYCOON is 60,000 words, or about 240 traditional print pages.

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