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Three books in one!

Convincing Quinn: Quinn Myles loves her life. She's in a kick-ass rock band and they're on their way to the big-time. If only her two band-mates hadn't told her how they felt, she could have controlled her own desires. And choosing between them might tear the band apart.

Rex Campbell used to enjoy life on the road and the groupies that came with it. That was before he realized he was mad crazy about Quinn Myles. He knows he's the man for her, and if it takes sharing her with Beau once to prove it, he will. Beau's willing. Now, to convince Quinn...

*Publisher's Note: This book was previously published elsewhere under the title Convincing Cara.

Breaking Beau:

When Rex and Quinn hire a chef to come on tour with the band, Beau Trudeau finds a welcome distraction in quirky Gigi Somerville. She's not his type at all, but she's fun to have around, and she's sort of growing on him...

If Gigi wants to start the business she's worked so hard for, she needs something big to happen. When the members of Hank Lemon and the Law contact her to cook for them during their summer concert tour, she's elated. Not only is this a dream opportunity, when she meets Beau Trudeau, she realizes she can kill two birds with one stone. He's the perfect guy to foist her unwanted virginity upon before she has to go back to the real world and fifteen-hour workdays. He's scorching hot but, even better, he has no interest in a relationship. In fact, he's so perfectly wrong for her, there's no chance of her actually falling for him...

Taming Tai:

Since Christa Reilly broke his heart ten years ago, Tai-Nan Rivera has steered clear of emotional attachments. Life's okay, though. He's in an amazing band, has great friends and has put his troubles with the law behind him. He's even managed to forget about Christa...almost. Until she comes barreling back into his life, talking about forgiveness. He lets her know that a reunion isn't on the menu but he'd be happy talk to her...after some hot, sweaty sex, of course. The thought of slumming again will surely send her running back to Daddy. Then maybe he can put their past behind him for good.

When Christa sees Tai's face on a billboard after years of searching, she drops everything to find him. But the boy she'd loved is now a man who can't forgive her for their tumultuous past. He finally agrees to talk to her, but for a price. She'll risk everything to prove she's worthy of his heart, if only he would trust her with more time.

Paperback Editions

March 2014 : USA Paperback

Title: Backstage Pass
Author(s): Chloe Cole
ISBN: 1-4199-7041-0 / 978-1-4199-7041-2 (USA edition)
Publisher: Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.
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