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Heart Unbroken

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Five years ago, we had a fleeting connection. Instant attraction, sizzling chemistry, and scorching-hot sex.

It was only brief, but it was…everything.

Then my career takes off. I become one of the biggest openly out Hollywood A-listers. I'm on top of the world—rich, famous, and successful.

Until a cruel red carpet gotcha stunt blows my life apart. In the blink of an eye, I lose everything I've spent two decades working and sacrificing for.

I've got no one to turn to and nowhere to go… Except back to the man I met five years ago.


Five years ago, I met someone unforgettable.

He made me feel something I thought I'd lost forever. Something that died with my beloved Dante a decade earlier.

I never expected to see Rove again. When he returns, the spark, the chemistry, the connection, is right where we left it five years ago. Actually, it's only intensified.

The more time we spend together, the clearer it becomes—there's no way I can let him go again. Can we find a way to make it this time?

HEART UNBROKEN is a second chance at love MM romance with two men in their 40s, a naked meet-cute, an only-one-bed situation, found family, 90s pop culture references, and a 'sail into the sunset' happily ever after (literally).

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