book cover of The Flirty Vet

The Flirty Vet

(The first book in the Vet Shop Boys Down Under series)
A novel by

Wilby Linfox is the world's biggest flirt…

From the moment he stumbles into my life—drunk, singing, and shirtless—I knew he'd be trouble… But I had
no idea just how much trouble he'd be.

But I'm in Australia to do exactly three things: work, check out some touristy hotspots, and scatter my mother's ashes.

Not on the cards? Getting sidetracked by a charming, ruggedly handsome Aussie vet who's quite possibly got the loudest laugh in the southern hemisphere.

Another thing I wasn't expecting? Finding out my work puts me on a direct collision course with Wilby Linfox.

Sometimes you meet someone and you just
know they're going to mean something to you.

That's what happened with Col Langdon. Sure, he's a cranky, uptight New Yorker who seems strangely immune to my serenading, but he's been living rent-free in my head since the night we met.

It makes no sense. I'm the king of casual. After a good time, not a long time. But with Col…it's different.

When he shows up unexpectedly in my hometown, I hope it means we get to rekindle what we started in Sydney.

But then I find out the real purpose of his visit, and my feelings for him explode into a volcanic rage. If Col thinks he can waltz in here and destroy my family, I'll give him the biggest fight of his life.

If you enjoyed Vet Shop Boys, you'll love Vet Shop Boys Down Under!

The Flirty Vet is packed with deliciously fun low angst / high heat adventures including: lovers to enemies to lovers, bi awakening, grumpy/sunshine, forced proximity, chosen family, gorgeous Aussie vets, small-town shenanigans, and a heartwarming happily ever after!

Warning! After reading "THAT" scene, you may never be able to look at kangaroos the same way again!

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