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Shock Tactics

(The ninth book in the Arsenal series)
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Riley Mason grew up as a tagalong tomboy. Her six older brothers were her silent, overprotective shadows—whether she wanted them to be or not. When they left to serve their country, life without them was terrifying and lonely. Now that they’re home and settled into their new path to protect others, she’s vowed to do the same.

Armed with a private investigator’s license, two mysterious former assassins as partners, and the infamous Mason gut for all-things-trouble, she’s ready to kick ass and take names. Her brothers may have an army of commandos at the ready, but so does she thanks to the fearless women who run The Arsenal. She once failed to see the troubles brewing in her former best friend and almost died as a result. She won’t let anyone in the Tri-County suffer injustice ever again. If there’s trouble in her backyard, she’ll find it and make someone pay. There’s only one broody badass standing in her way—a man she can’t help but be drawn to. He was once best friend to two of her brothers before he went to prison for crimes he didn’t commit. He may think he can avoid her, but he has no idea how stubborn the youngest of the Mason brood can be. He’s about to find out.

Dominic DeMarco wants nothing more than to settle into a normal life and forget about his failures. He may have done time for murders he didn’t do, but the sins he did commit still haunt him every day. He didn’t protect his family when he should have. Now that he’s out, nothing matters except them. His new life at The Arsenal should be simple enough: fix up the rides, help organize the construction crew, and keep out of everyone’s way. Too bad no one sent that plan to the youngest hellion. The vixen refuses to leave him be. She’s started a war he didn’t want—one he’s about to win if she doesn’t back down. A man can only resist temptation for so long.

Their carefully constructed plans implode when they are tossed into deadly situation that’ll require them to work together. They didn’t declare this unexpected war but they’ll do whatever it takes to win.

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November 2021 : USA, Australia, Canada, UK Kindle edition

Title: Shock Tactics (The Arsenal Book 9)
Author(s): Cara Carnes
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