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Enter a world of swords, sorcery and wicked delights...

Awaken by Anya Richards
Ryllio is losing hope that anyone will break the spell that imprisons him. Until a beautiful maiden wanders into his hidden glade. Lured into the forest by a mysterious voice in her head, Myrina finds intense, erotic ecstasy. But the intertwining of their minds comes at a devastating price...

Slayer by D.L. Snow
When a maiden appears reeking of dragon dung, Prince Cahill rethinks his vow to marry the next virgin he meets. Breanna, a dragonslayer, couldn't be less interested in marriage. Yet her sleepless nights are plagued with visions of Cahill doing wicked things to her untutored body...

Snow by Deborah M. Brown
Upon her father's death, shy Snow White is surrounded by undercurrents of treachery she cannot hope to understand. Freed of their magical bindings, her seven dwarven guards vow to open her innocent eyes to the dangers of court politics... and the ways of men.

Wolf by Cara Carnes
Hannah once saved a mysterious man who turned into a wolf. Years later, it is the wolf who saves her. For Stephan, the girl that unwittingly bound herself to him now tempts him. Yet if she learns his secret, her fragile trust could be broken.

Warning: Contains bawdy faeries, wicked self-love, voyeurism, magically induced erotic dreams, kick-ass shape-shifting alphas, and proof that size doesn't matter when it comes to lust, er, love.

Paperback Editions

July 2011 : USA Paperback

Title: Enchanted
Author(s): Anya Richards, D L Snow, Cara Carnes, Deborah M Brown
ISBN: 1-60928-174-8 / 978-1-60928-174-8 (USA edition)
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
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