book cover of Hot Lava

Hot Lava

(The fourth book in the Playing with Fire series)
A novel by

Twice burned is sometimes the key.

Logan doesn't do repeats. Ever. It's a cardinal rule he must live by. Katie was a mistake - one he never would have made if he knew she lived in Pamona Gulch. It would have saved him the slow and steady burn of his lust for the last two years. The need to take Katie back under hand ... and command ... is stronger than ever now.

With Logan, Katie learned things about herself she'd never known. How desire could be a precision-cut diamond forged in the hottest temperatures. How guided mastery could lead her to unattainable heights. And now she's left in the cold, running to find that same high.

Into the arms of a dangerous blaze.

Desire flares when Logan saves her. What's between them is undeniable, but with the arsonist caught and anger sparking, will it snuff out what's growing, or will it only add fuel to the fire?

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