book cover of Falling for Cyn

Falling for Cyn

(The fifth book in the Four Winds series)
A novel by

Damien is bad - the original Evil. Satan from Hell on Earth has been his identity since forever. The Devil. Beelzebub. Minister of Evil. Prince of Darkness. Lucifer. Old Scratch. He's never been given a choice in this prison of fate, but it's his turn now. Hell is about to meet his match. When Damien gets a woman, the only underworld he's ever known changes. She's chosen for him, but she's enough... Cynthia doesn't believe in Hell; she believes in kindness and science, and the greater good. She's perfect, and pure and... dying. But she's his. And he'll move Heaven and Hell to keep her. This is Anne Conley's final installment in the Four Winds series.

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