book cover of Saving Shayla

Saving Shayla

(Book 11 in the Lone Star Littles series)
A Novella by

Shayla’s at the end of her rope, about to fall off and needing a miracle.
Hollis has been there before—and he’s bound and determined to rescue the woman he loves before it’s too late.
This is Saving Shayla, the newest DDLG, Age Play romance from bestselling author Amy Cummings!

Shayla Roberts is a rising pro-wrestling star. She trains hard and “fights” even harder in the ring. She’s been running her body ragged, increasingly relying on booze and pills to dull the pain—both physical and emotional.
But she can handle this herself. She’s one tough woman who doesn’t need anyone. Especially her ex, Hollis Graves.
Hollis is wrestling royalty—a superstar loved by fans around the world. He’s also got his life back on track, being clean, sober, and in the best shape of his life. But there’s one thing from his past he can’t let go of.
His love.
His baby girl.
When Shayla crashes and is forced into a break, Hollis knows exactly what she needs.
A trip to Mountainville.
And a Daddy.
But can she relax enough to regress and heal in that special oasis for Littles and Bigs? Will she ever forgive Hollis for the past?

Saving Shayla is a DDLG romance that features consenting adults engaged in Age Play, including discipline, cuddles, and diapers. It tells a complete story but is best read in its place in the Lone Star Littles series.
So come on back to Mountainville! The gang is here and waiting with all the fun, sweetness, and shenanigans you can handle! And there might just be a surprise or two waiting before it’s all said and done. You’ll definitely want to see where things are going in West Texas.
Intended for mature audiences only. Have fun, Cuties!
The Lone Star Littles reading order is:
Victoria’s Ranger
Saving Stella
The Outlaw’s Baby Girl
The Agent’s Baby Girl
Once Upon a Time in Mountainville
(short story)
Texas Tornado
Regressing Penny
Saving Eden
Professor Moneybags
The Emperor
Going for the Gold
Saving Shayla

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