book cover of Mountainville Forever

Mountainville Forever

(Book 31 in the Lone Star Littles series)
A novel by

Join Stella, Katie, Eli, and the Gang for an amazing adventure inside the gates of Mountainville—and beyond!
Things are going well for the Mountainville Crew. Spring is in the air and the weather is nice and sunny. The ball pit is as fun as ever. Shenanigans are the order of the day.
Until Christophr Ball arrives in town.
Christopher seems like a nice enough guy, even if he is a tad snooty. But someone has a grudge against him. A mysterious force is lurking in the shadows, trying to sabotage Christopher from enjoying his Mountainville vacation. And what’s worse, they’re framing Stella and her pals for the evil deeds!
Now, with mischief escalating into vandalism and petty crimes, the evidence against the Mountainville Crew is stacking up. They want to solve the case of who the actual evildoer is, but won’t get the chance. They’ve gotten orders to leave town and let the professionals handle the investigation.
So, with Stella, Katie, Eli, Harrison, and Stryker all scattered and away from their beloved home, it seems as if the real perpetrator is winning.
And Mountainville will never be the same!
But it takes a lot more than that to stop the Lone Star Littles! Hold on tight, Cuties. This is a wild ride.

Mountainville Forever is a fast-paced adventure loaded with fun! It continues the beloved series in an exciting fashion and sets up what is to come for everyone’s favorite Littles and Bigs. Enjoy, Cuties!

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