book cover of Loving Lynnleigh

Loving Lynnleigh

(Book 29 in the Lone Star Littles series)
A novel by

For Lynnleigh’s whole life, Campbell was more than a friend. He was like a brother. There’s just one little problem: she’s been in love with him for years. But would it ever work? Get ready for sparks—and adventure—to fly! This is the biggest Mountainville tale yet!

Twenty-four-year-old Lynnleigh loves her home in New Hampshire, but as a Little, she longs to visit Mountainville. After months of saving, she’s going to do just that. She’s conflicted, though. She’s never been away from her best friend, Campbell. Six years older than her, he’s been in her life literally since the day she came home from the hospital. He’s protective, bossy, and nurturing. And oh so swoon-worthy!
She needs to forget about him. He has a girlfriend. How can she compete with the hot, tone, personal trainer, Mallory? There’s no way Campbell wants the curvy girl. Especially one he considers a sister. Maybe she can finally free herself from her desires and find a Daddy of her own in Mountainville.
But things get complicated when Campbell ends up in that special town, too. Now, she’s having to pick between men. And what’s more, a blast from the past shows up and threatens everything! Add the shenanigans of Katie, Stella, Eli, and the Mountainville gang, and there’s a lot to handle. Is Lynnleigh up for the challenge? Perhaps Mountainville is more than she bargained for…

Loving Lynnleigh is a full-length novel that features consenting adults engaged in Age Play. It is part of the Lone Star Littles series but can be read as a standalone tale. It’s a friends-to-lovers, DDlg romance with plenty of steam and kink. It features loving Daddies, naughty Littles, and very intimate levels of care. Have fun, cuties!

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