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The adopted / Miss Paula Collection
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Come to Miss Paula's Pull-Up Academy - A Place Where Littles Are Accepted, Valued, and Loved...
In this bundle are five previously published, heart-warming tales. These stories feature Littles in search of family and acceptance, but having their fair share of fun, too! Included are the three Baby April tales (Adopted,Pampered, and Claimed) and two Miss Paula's Pull-Up Academy stories (Accepted and Embraced). The gang is all here, including Candace, a loving Mommy; her husband Mason, a loving and kind Daddy; Baby April and Liam; Little Colt; Baby Natasha; Baby Brendalyn; and Mommy-In-Training Aubrey.
With new adventures of the gang coming Summer 2019, now is the perfect time to catch up on the past stories in this all-in-one bundle! These stories feature consenting adults engaged in Age Play and contain heavy ABDL themes. They include diaper changes (both wet and messy), discipline, lactation, Littles, Mommies, and Daddies. Have fun and look for all-new tales with Aubrey, Candace, and the rest of the family soon!

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