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The House Mother

(A book in the Ivy Club series)
A novel by

Get ready for an all-new, sweet, and steamy story from bestselling Age Play author Amy Cummings!
Tanner is stressed. As a student at the prestigious Eastshire University, he’s burning the candle at both ends just trying to make it through med school. Being a doctor is his dream and he’ll stop at nothing to achieve it—even if it means ruining his own physical and mental health in the process.
But being a physician isn’t Tanner’s only dream.
He wants a Mommy just as badly.
And he picks up major Mommy vibes from his landlord, Miss Alana. Surely that’s only his imagination! It’s not like fate brings Littles and Bigs together every day.
And while he has a crush on her, nothing will ever happen between them. She’s a decade older and doesn’t want a Little. Who does, right?
But Alana holds a secret of her own. Her tenants call her the House Mother, thanks to her nurturing nature. But they don't know how right they are. She longs for a sweet Little to cherish and love. And one of her tenants, Tanner, just happens to be everything she’s ever desired in a partner—a sweet, submissive, cute Little who knows how to capture a Mommy’s heart...
Get ready for sparks, cuteness, steam, and all the love in this fast-paced tale in the new series,
The Ivy Club.

Please note that this is a Mommy Domme story that features consenting adults engaged in Age Play. It includes ABDL elements such as diapers and lactation. It depicts loving discipline as well as light humiliation in a caring environment. This book is intended for adults only.
The Ivy Club series can be read in any order! For an introduction into this secretive organization, check out The Senator’s Baby Girl by Amy Cummings. Have fun, Cuties!

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