book cover of Guess Who Inherited a Dungeon

Guess Who Inherited a Dungeon

(The first book in the Happy Endings Dungeon series)
A Novella by

Can a dungeon full of deadly traps and dangerous monsters offer delights to female heroes instead of doom?

Orphaned vagabond Alfie wanted two things in life: to be a hero and to get the girl. Too bad he can't cut it as a hero and the girl only has time for men who have the coin. His luck seems to change when he meets a mysterious and beautiful woman named Myssandra.

After a wild night of pleasure, she confesses that she was searching for Alfie as the nephew and last blood relation of infamous Dungeon Lord Tiberius Ivanhoe. Tiberius is deceased and that makes Alfie next in line to take over his dungeon and become Myssandra's master. With no opportunities in his old life, Alfie reluctantly agrees to accompany Myssandra back to the dungeon and become its Dungeon Lord.

In a faraway land, Alfie learns that his uncle was the lord of the Maze of Masculine Malevolence. The diabolical dungeon was intended to lure brave women to their doom. Alfie won't have long to adjust to his new life. A tomboy thief invades the dungeon in search of treasure and Alfie must decide how to deal with her. Once Alfie realizes the murderous nature of being a Dungeon Lord, he wants to change the dungeon from a place of misogynistic evil to a place where women can explore their deepest and kinkiest desires. He will set out to create a dungeon full of monstrous pleasures and strange delights rather than certain doom.

Unfortunately for Alfie, not everyone agrees that his idea is a good one. Dungeon Lords just aren't supposed to serve up happy endings.

The epic tales of the Happy Endings Dungeon are filled with fantasy adventure, peril, and smut! This series is for adults only!

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