book cover of Free Yeti Full Body Massage

Free Yeti Full Body Massage

(The fourth book in the Happy Endings Dungeon series)
A Novella by

Against all opposition, Dungeon Lord Alfie Ivanhoe is trying to run the only dungeon in all of Aropa that offers female adventurers their erotic fantasies come to life. A buxom ice elf arrives at Alfie's dungeon to heat things up with a yeti rubdown, but Alfie's mind is on the capital city.

The fair Princess Josephine of Orleans is to be wed to the prince of Galamanca. Alfie insists on attending the festivities. With Myssandra and Luisa in tow. He disguises himself as a guest and infiltrates the wedding ball in the hopes of seeing the beautiful princess who lingers in his heart. Keeping Myssandra and Luisa under control as best he can, he soon learns that Josephine is on a crusade that will put her at odds with Alfie.

Can he persuade her that he is not her enemy in the span of a single dance? Can he do it before the forces among the Dungeon Lords lash out at her? Can he protect her from Lord Heraxon's diabolical ambush?

Can Alfie get laid in the process? And what secret lurks in the black sarcophagus within Alfie's dungeon vault? Find out in this fourth delve into Alfie's dungeon of delights!

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