book cover of Elf Hunter

Elf Hunter

(The second book in the Library of Forbidden Pleasures series)
A novel by

Vengeful elf Alyndra has hunted human slavers nearly to extinction and begun to prey on goblins. But the goblins are not so easily thwarted! She is caught in their trap and converted to be their loyal servant. Her new duty is to expand goblin chief Gavak's collection of elves and other fantasy beauties to serve as pleasure slaves.

The latest standalone book in the Library of Forbidden Pleasures follows the hunts of Alyndra as she pursues beauties and trains them for her goblin masters. You will find more than a few familiar elves in this book, including favorites like Mishanna, Nellie, and even Faylana from some of Amanda's most popular stories. Discover their steamy alternate fates as they are caught in the clutches of the unstoppable Elf Hunter.

Will Alyndra succeed in her hunts? Will she please her goblin masters? Or will she fail them and give up her body to become a breeder for the goblins? Find out in this filthy dark fantasy of lust and domination.

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