book cover of Alien Prey

Alien Prey

A Galaxy of Dark Alien Lust Awaits
(Book 16 in the Library of Forbidden Pleasures series)
A Novella by

Lustful aliens hunger for the pleasures of the flesh! A scout ship of the Terran Empire crewed entirely by women is attacked by alien slavers. As the crew tries to elude the alien slavers, several are forced to crash land on a dangerous jungle planet where they face new dangers! Will their comrades rescue them in time, or will they become ALIEN PREY?

Six short stories combine to form a single narrative in this collection! Follow the five crew members of the scout ship as they try to evade capture and signal a rescue party.

First Officer Janna Richtofen will plunge into the strange waters of the planet of Congoro and encounter a reptilian monster that wants to breed.

Xenobiologist Livia Zantora might know how to survive on the deadly planet of Congoro, but she is snagged from orbit by green skinned alien brutes who have other plans for her.

Trooper Tayla Evander finds tentacle horrors in the jungles of Congoro and must fight off hallucinations of pleasure or become the seed bed for an alien monstrosity.

Valeria Nostra is plucked from her escape capsule by the boss of the alien slavers and subjected to the pleasures of alien rutting. But he wants another: her captain.

Ensign Kiro Hido is a communications specialist and must learn to communicate with a native civilization on Congoro to avoid becoming their dinner.

Finally, Captain Agrippina, matron of the warship that sent the scouts on their mission, will attempt to recover her crew and defeat the alien slavers. Will she be victorious, or will she only doom her entire crew to become ALIEN PREY?

Find out in this dark and filthy tale of monstrous alien pleasures!

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