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Who's Your Daddy

(The first book in the Who's Your Daddy: Season One series)
A novel by

I grew up simple. So uh, yeah… I've felt like Alice falling down the rabbit hole ever since I met the gorgeous Mavros twins three months ago. Naïve little publicist that I was. They were movie stars. I was… uh… me?

And now look at me. Ha! *insert hysterical cackling laughter here* It'll be the story of the century if anyone ever finds out. I can just see the headline: WHO'S YOUR D#DDY?

Cause... we'll never be able to know with certainty which twin brother's baby is growing in my belly right now. My cheeks flame as I reach down to lay a hand on my stomach.

What would D#ddy say if he could see me now?

""A little bit dark, a whole lot n@ug#ty and OH my GOODNESS!!!" ★★★★★


Note: "Season One" is Book 1 of an intended trilogy, also available as an on-going series on Kindle Vella if you want to read along as I write it. You can expect a high spice level, twists, travel to luxurious places all over the globe, and some alpha movie star twins who fall harder than they ever intended for their new kitten.

Please check the author's website for CW/TWs.

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