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Seduced By a Cajun Werewolf

(The third book in the Stormy Weather series)
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Ultra sexy werewolf Laurent Deveraux thinks that Violet, the love of his life, died two hundred years ago until she shows up in New Orleans looking for him.

Violet, now a vampire, thinks she's someone else. Her powerful and dangerous sire has bound her memories, taught her how to kill and Laurent is her next target.

Laurent is determined to awaken her memories and her undying passion before danger steals her away again.

Stormy Weather: Book 3
Erotic Paranormal Romance (werewolf, vampire, New Orleans, hurricane)
34,000 words (appox. 125 pages)


A mellow jazz tune filled the room and the hot breeze blew into the space like a blow torch. A single figure cloaked in darkness entered and crossed Laurent's line of sight. The woman kept to the shadows and settled at a table in the opposite corner. She was dressed in black from head to toe, and Laurent immediately discarded her as Goth or a wanna-be vamp. Plenty of those lived in the city.

But then the scent of roses wafted under his nose, tickling his memory. He crossed his arms over his chest and pushed the recollection away. Only, it didn't want to go. It remained as fresh in his mind as it had the first time he'd smelled that sweet floral scent. Two hundred years did little to erase the memory of that day.

Or of her.

Long brunette curls framed her angelic face, and she had the brightest blue eyes he'd ever seen. They changed with her mood. And her smile, Dieu, her smile could charm even the most chaste saint. Her image flashed before him like a blip on the television screen.

Laurent shook his head.

"You all right, cousin?" Andre asked in that quiet, deep voice.
Laurent nodded. "You guys should go on home. You don't have to stay with me."

"You sure?" Burke finished off his beer.

He nodded. "I'll get the bill." After all, he'd done the most drinking.

They stared at him for a moment, and then got to their feet. He watched them depart. Lifted a hand to wave goodbye. Then tossed back another shot of whiskey.

Damn his high metabolism.

Laurent savored the darker hours, when he felt most at peace, closest to his true self. These were the hours during which he didn't have to work so hard to hide.

Electricity sizzled through the bar, and cold fingers tried to reach into his mind. He slammed the door shut on his thoughts and looked around the room suspiciously, his gaze falling on the newcomer in black. A ray of light sliced across the room, briefly highlighting the woman's face. Brilliant blue eyes met his, and he sucked in a breath.

No. It wasn't possible. He struggled with the reality of what he'd seen...and of what he knew to be true.

And just like that, the light was gone--and so was she.

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